• Root explorer apk

    Numerous tabs: Root explorer apk file is one of only a handful few applications past program that has this component. You can open various tabs as you do in internet browsers. This element is helpful and much simple to utilize.

    Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and system (SMB) bolster: Root voyager underpins these online stockpiling. so you can straightforwardly match up your records to these stockpiles.

    SQLite database watcher.

    Word processor: You can alter documents in plain content and include or evacuate content your desire. It is to a great degree valuable and simple to utilize. Root explorer apk You can utilize this component on the majority of the cases however now and again in the event that it doesn't work you can attempt different techniques as well.

    Make and concentrate compress or tar/gzip records, remove rar chronicles: These documents are not intelligible of course document watcher on android. In this way, this element is helpful in light of the fact that numerous documents you download from web are on this arrangement.

    Multi-select: root explorer for pc You can choose in excess of one things at any given moment.

    Execute contents: The contents put away on your gadget can be run/executed with the assistance of root pioneer.

    Pursuit, remount and view consents: You can scan for certain record with their name or any organizer with its name. You can see the authorizations permitted to the application and even change them.

    Bookmarks: You would bookmark be able to certain envelope and get moment access next time you open root voyager.

    Send documents (by means of email, Bluetooth and so on).

    Picture thumbnails.

    APK parallel XML watcher: You can see the XML record of the APK document and alter them yet be cautious. You may harm the application or the amusement

    change record proprietor/gathering.

    make emblematic connection.

    "Open With" office.


    make alternate ways.

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